Grandmas Cheese Blintzes

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Want a classic recipe that has been passed down through generations? Try out these awesome looking Grandma’s Cheese Blintzes! I had never heard of a cheese blintz before this recipe, but they look quite good and pretty simple to make too! Its always fun to try new things, so I would be game to try out these little bites sometime! The author writes that her grandmother made the best blintzes on the planet. She had tried them out in restaurants, and Jewish delis, but none compared to her grandmother's perfect blintzes! Do you have something like that, that your grandmother or mother made that just was the best and you can't find anyone better to make it? That means you have to do what the author here did, make it from your family's own recipe!

So the author sat down with her grandmother before she passed away, and asked to learn how to make them. This is so important that we still do this, and it makes me so happy to know that people still want to learn how to make old traditional recipes. Blintzes, or singularly called Blitnz, are a Ukrainian or Jewish recipe for basically a very thin pancake or crepe. These pancakes were served at various times throughout the year when they would celebrate the sun, since the pancakes symbolized the sun.

There are other variations of them, and the Jewish ones are served with cheese inside of them, warmed just enough so the cheese is slightly warm. The recipe calls for dry curd cottage cheese or soft farmer’s cheese, but they are very hard to find at times, so you can just use a ricotta cheese, the author writes. They won't be 100% the same but very very close to the same as the traditional blintzes! Give it a try! Head over to 'Future Expat' by following the link in the section below for more!

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