Grandmas Cough Syrup that Really Works

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Is there really such a thing as Grandmas Cough Syrup that Really Works? Well, perhaps not, but this combination that includes lemon and honey is a good one to soothe a sore throat. And it tastes great. As well, it has no medicinal ingredients that might make you hesitate to give it very often to the kids. They can have as much as they like of this tasty brew. The ingredients tell the tale. And it is critical that these ingredients are raw and organic. The crucial elements get destroyed if either the honey or the olive oil are processed (heat destroys a lot of nutrients, even as it kills germs, and disease, and so on). So if you have concerns about eating raw foods or organic, go ahead and make this drink, but you will not get the same health benefits. Of course, you will get the benefit of a still delicious drink that has lots of tang and feels good on your throat. And some times that might be just enough.

Olive oil is considered one of the best oils that you could eat, but that is only if it is the olive oil that is labeled as extra virgin olive oil, the E-V-O-O variety that Rachel Ray always talks about on her great cooking show. That is because when olive oil is processed it loses the anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories because of the heat. The same is true for raw, and organic honey. There are ingredients in honey that we still have not fully identified, but in raw honey there are at least 80 different components. Besides the long list of vitamins and minerals, honey also has agents that contribute to its healing powers especially its anti-microbial and anti-bacterial power. That is why honey could be so good for a sore throat. Honey was once the main sweetening agent in all food preparation, and was some what rare. It was often offered to the gods because of its scarcity. In fact, it was so expensive for a long time that only the very wealthy could even afford to eat it. Honey helps aid healing in a wide variety of ways, and has been used for millennia to do so.

Enjoy this drink. You can safely ingest as much as you like (within reason, of course, too much of anything likely is not the best thing for you). And get that sore throat handled!

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