Grandmas Hamburger Soup

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If the weather is getting cooler where you are, chances are you will need to enjoy a bowl of this grandma's hamburger soup recipe, which combines ground beef with an abundance of veggies and tomatoes for a hearty soup that eats like a meal. Melissa, the author of the Chin Deep recipe blog, showcased her grandmother’s soup recipe to her readers when it was starting to get chilly in her home state of Minnesota. There is no wonder since this soup is so piping hot and includes hearty flavours of beef broth, red wine and ground meat, which feature in so many Fall and Winter recipes. Whether you need an easy meal for the dinner table or a bowl of something to warm you up, this hamburger soup will do the trick.

If you need easy hamburger meat recipes, this dish uses two pounds, which is enough to make a large pot of this soup and feed several people. If this amount is too much for your household to consume, you can divide it between containers and pop it in the freezer or simply scale the soup recipe down since all of the numbers divides in half very easily. This comfort meal uses a lot of vegetables, but many of them may be items you have on hand already, like fresh carrots, onion and celery. Once component you may not have in your home is red wine, but it adds complexity to the soup which darkens the broth and adds tanginess. If you don’t have red wine though, you can substitute with white wine, more stock, or white or red grape juice. Either way, this will be the best soup you will enjoy all year round. If there is a vegetable you don’t have, you can try substituting with something else you have on hand, like frozen peas, cubed rutabaga, or cauliflower florets. Any of your favourite veggies will contribute to making this a great soup recipe.

This comfort meal is made into a hearty combination with the inclusion of potatoes. The starches also help thicken the broth and give it body. If you don’t have potatoes in your home, Melissa insists you can add cooked pasta near the end of cooking to warm through. You don’t want to add the pasta to the soup recipe too early, or else it may break apart and dissolve into the broth giving it a gloopy texture. You also don’t want to add dry pasta to the soup to cook, as there won’t be enough liquid to cook it through successfully. You can cook off a bunch of pasta in advance, toss it with some oil to prevent it from sticking and put it in the refrigerator until ready to use. Any kind of pasta will work in this hearty soup recipe, but the best kinds would be a short noodle like macaroni, penne or farfalle.

The next time you need something to add to your easy and delicious dinner recipes roster, choose this soup, which comes together quickly on the stove. In total, this dish shouldn’t take any more than an hour to prepare, and it should hold over night while the flavours develop if you want something you can reheat quickly for lunch or dinner. Great sides to serve with this dinner dish would be a tossed green salad or fresh crusty bread, although you could enjoy this on its own and be satisfied with all the meat and vegetables. Thank you to Melissa, the author of the Chin Deep recipe blog, for sharing her grandma's hamburger soup recipe with us.

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