Grandmas Hot Fudge Sundae Cake

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Anything that can claim to have come from the loving, experienced recipe repertoire of grandma has my attention. Thats why I was really excited for Ashley from The Recipe Rebel to share her Grandmas hot fudge Sunday cake.

It has been Ashleys dessert for many years, and after reading through her blog post, I can certainly see why. Its basically an ultra chocolatey fudge brownie, and like a traditional sundae, it has the ice cream on top, but unlike a traditional sundae, the sauce goes on the bottom. I really like the idea of having to work my way through a dense layer of chocolatey, brownie goodness to reach the hot, chocolate sauce at the bottom. Making sure you get a healthy serving of each amazing ingredient in each forkful is key and I need my sauce!

Ashley cant stress enough how simple this all is to pull together fast. In fact, her inspiration for this particular blog post was the very fact that she didn't have the energy to spend on some extravagant dessert, but wanted something to match that level of taste in a much shorter amount of time. It took her ten minutes to prepare, and despite her advantage of having already been exposed to this cake and the recipe many times before, looking at the ingredients and the lack of chopping, melting and sifting that the recipe calls for, I can see anyone being able to get this cake into and out of the oven in no time at all.

I personally, like my brownies with nuts, and I've even added bananas before to amazing effect. I'm imagining and banana nut, hot fudge brownie sundae right now, maybe with some strawberry or raspberry sauce drizzled on top for a kind of mutant banana split creation. It is all up to you.

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