Grandmothers Cabbage Rolls

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This Grandmothers Cabbage Rolls recipe is full of good food and great nutrition as well as terrific flavor. This cabbage rolls recipe will meet all the hunger needs of everyone in your family with great taste and lots of goodness to boot. This cabbage rolls recipe is a quick and easy one to make, and very affordable, too. Cabbage is a great food to eat, filled with loads of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. There is also a lot of fiber in cabbage, too, so eat lots of this great vegetable. There is also rice in this dish. In this case, the rice is pre-cooked, so you could choose to use a brown rice rather than a white rice, even though the recipe recommends a white rice. Hamburger meat adds lots of good things to this cabbage rolls recipe including vitamin B12, a sometimes hard to get vitamin as well as lots of good protein. Protein helps build strong bodies and bones, so this is a good food to eat.

This dish comes together easily and well, and then gets cooked in tomato soup to bring all the flavors together. Cabbage rolls are great served with a contrasting veggie such as carrots and more rice on the side. This cabbage rolls recipe will be great to serve any time you want a meal that is loaded with comfort food and plenty of nutrition. It is tasty, filling and delicious. It does take some pre-planning because, for this recipe, the cabbage is left in the freezer for twenty four hours before you make up the cabbage rolls recipe.

Cabbage rolls have a long history, possibly going back at least two thousand years as part of the Jewish tradition. The sauce may have been the most diverse part of the early recipes with some regions making a savory sauce for their cabbage rolls and other making a sauce that was more of a sweet and sour combination. Although the earliest cabbage rolls go back to the Jewish tradition, this little roll is well known all across Europe and Asia. Depending on where you might find this cabbage roll, you could find any of beef, pork or lamb as the meat filling accompanied by various spices. Even the grain could vary from rice to barley and other grains and vegetables might have included a broad range of choices. The cabbage rolls might have been baked, boiled, slowly cooked or prepared in many other ways. In most cultures, they are eaten with some kind of sauce or accompaniment, whether a sour cream, yogurt, mint or some kind of sweet or sour jam. So enjoy this dish when you make it for your family. Enjoy it soon.

Nutrition Facts for: Grandmothers Cabbage Rolls from The Travelling Kitchen
Ingredients: Savoy cabbage, rice, butter, onion, lean ground beef, sea salt, tomato soup, butter, water.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 8 servings.* Per Serving: Calories 401, Calories from Fat 115, Total Fat 12.8g 20%, Saturated Fat 7.0g 35%, Cholesterol 73mg 24%, Sodium 445mg 19%, Potassium 543mg 16%, Carbohydrates 48.6g 16%, Dietary Fiber 3.6g 14%, Sugars 6.6g, Protein 22.5g, Vitamin A 10%, Vitamin C 64%, Calcium 6%, Iron 75%

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