Grannys Famous Sour Cream Pound Cake Recipe

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Here is a recipe that is from granny. Any recipe that is from granny has to be great since granny made it. We all have this wonderful feeling when we think of our grandma baking a cake for us on a Saturday morning. Fun desserts like this one from Mary not only provide us with a great dessert but also are a great inclusion to our cake recipes with sour cream folder. Egg free cake is not always something we hear of but there are many recipes out there that can be made with no eggs.

There are also many cakes that can be made with no flour as well. Fun deserts should be exactly what they are called and that is fun. Get your kids and significant other and hand out aprons and have fun making a dessert you will all enjoy to eat together. Cake recipes with sour cream like this one are a great way to get sour cream into your diet. If you choose the fat free variety then you are doing well. Anytime you can make the dessert or recipe you are creating healthier then you will have a healthy cake like one that is an egg free cake. Anything you can do to minimize any ingredient that you feel is not healthy is always welcomed.

Sour cream is a delicious food that you can make into many different things and it is a great addition to desserts as well as savory dishes. You can make marinades with it you can use it to make dips and like this recipe from Mary you can include it in your cake recipes as well. Sour cream is a dairy product and being such is part of the dairy family that is part of the foods we need to eat Like making yogurt you must add a bacterium to plain cream which causes it to ferment and with some time you have sour cream.

It has been part of our baking and cooking recipes for years and will continue to have a place in our fridges since it can be added to many different recipes. Baking is usually one of the top uses for sour cream. There are a wide a variety of cake and cookie recipes it is part of. It has been used in sauces and marinades all around the world. One of the most famous recipes that include sour cream is beef stroganoff a Hungarian dish and is also known as Chicken Paprikash.

Mary gives sour cream a home and if you love its delicate smooth texture then you are sure to love granny’s pound cake recipe. Pound cake is a great vessel for sour cream since it will help to keep the cake moist and delicious and ready for your favorite coffee to wash it down with. Thanks to Mary of Giving Up On Perfect Blog for this yummy Granny’s Famous Sour Cream Pound Cake Recipe that can be your own with a change here or there. Bon apetit. **

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