Granny's Log Cabin Kit .. just 20K to get started

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This is a great option for a 'Mother in Law' or Granny home, which is why we have named it Granny's log cabin kit. This model is called the Serenity cabin. This package is an adorable log cabin kit with a 280 square foot floor plan. This 14 foot by 20-foot log cabin package has a private bedroom, living area, and bathroom. The sink is in the bedroom of the log cabin while the shower and toilet are in the bathroom. This log cabin package also has an optional where you can set up a nice sitting area to enjoy your morning coffee and paper. The Serenity one story log cabin package price starts at $21,900 and is one of the most popular cabin kits for sale on the site.

If building a log cabin is something you are thinking about you will want to compare log cabin packages and companies. Conestoga Log Cabins has been in business over 30 years, so they know what they have plenty of experience when it comes to log cabin kits. Their log cabin kits are easy to assemble, and they pre-wrap all of the building materials in their kits. Pre-wrapping the building materials whether they are in a large log cabin package or small cabin package means that the logs are protected during storage, shipment, and building. The Conestoga Everlast logs are the driest, strongest and most stable logs you can find. The logs are kiln dried to 15 percent or below for the most reliable log cabin package and log home kit available. This log home company uses only ACQ environmentally friendly pressured treated building materials for their porch and foundation supports. They are a green company and very proud of that. Any questions you might have before, during or after your log home build they are there to offer phone support. And the flooring for these log cabin packages is made out of high-quality pre-sized number one wood made out of dense Southern Yellow Pine. This wood is a full grade above what other log cabin companies use, which ensures that your log cabin floors will remain durable, and appealing.

Some of the different variables that will affect your log cabin package price include whether or not you build your own cabin kit or get someone to build it for you. The type of log cabin foundation you choose whether it be slab, pier, basement, or crawl space. The types of appliances you choose. If you add a deck, porch extensions, and side porches. A garage addition will also increase the log cabin package price. Other factors that will determine the cost of your log cabin package price include upgraded insulation packages, upgraded fixtures, landscaping choices, stonework, excavation, roof material upgrades, screen doors, cedar log furniture, and custom doors and windows. Before choosing the log cabin package, you want you will want to first determine your log home budget and think of the things you want and need in a log home build.

This log cabin package is just one of the cabin packages you will find on the Conestoga Log Cabin & Homes site. You will find both residential and commercial log cabin packages in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and floor plans. **

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