Great Grandmas Coconut Custard Pie is The Best EVER

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Great Grandma’s Coconut Custard Pie is The Best EVER and you can learn how to make it from this website. Try it out today, and see if you do not agree just how delicious it truly is. This recipe is made entirely from scratch, although you could start with a commercial crust. If you do use a commercial crust, there are plenty of variations on the theme. You could try a chocolate or vanilla cookie based crust, or just a regular pie crust. Any of these types of crust works wonderfully well with coconut custard.

Coconut custard produces a light, creamy and eggy filling with a slightly chewy texture from the coconut. There is plenty of coconut added to the recipe, and it does not specify whether unsweetened or sweetened is used. Given that it is “Grandma’s recipe” it probably uses sweetened, which was much more popular in the past and more readily available than unsweetened. The recipe also calls for buttermilk, which offers a thick and tangy taste that complements the sweet and rich flavor of the coconut.

Coconut comes from the tree of the same name. It is not technically a fruit, but a drupe, like avocado. The coconut itself as well as the tree and its branches have been used for every purpose imaginable, and the entire tree remains a valuable commodity. From the tree can be made rope, containers, and coconut milk, cream and dried coconut foods. It is an astonishing and versatile food crop. As well, although it is debated, some pundits argue that the fats derived from coconut offer considerable health benefits. That might be debatable, but the distinctive flavor and texture of coconut is singular and remarkable, so try it soon in this fabulous handmade pie. Your family will love it. For extra homemade happiness, serve it with whipped cream.

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