Greek Chicken and Vegetables

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Greek food is characterized, first, by the use of Greek olive oil. This dish, Greek Chicken and Vegetables, runs true to that tradition with a huge one cup of olive oil called for as part of the marinate. Don’t skimp and don’t be cheap with the oil you buy. There is a difference among olive oils. Be sure to get an extra cold pressed variety.

This dish is marinated over night with other vegetables that make up this classic Greek roast. If using herbs, oils, and other seasonings is new to you, this recipe is a great way to break in to the habit. The result is fresh chicken and vegetables in a broth that will be full of flavor.

Greek olive oil is perhaps the most important single ingredient to Greek food. Another important ingredient for Greek dishes is lemon and lemon juice. You will find olive oil and lemon are called for repeatedly in great Greek dishes. The richness of the olive oil is beautifully cut by the sharpness of the lemon. Greek cooking also calls for plenty of vegetables. Yogurt is another staple of the Greek diet, whether made as a savory dip or sweet side dish. Greek desserts are often made with nuts and sweetened with honey. They may be layered in filo pastry.

Greek cooking is unique in its clean flavors and simple combinations. Don't think that Greek food is simple, just that the flavors are kept pure and unambiguous. That makes them an easy food to enjoy and come back to again and again.

Why not try this recipe out for tomorrow night’s dinner? Your family will love something they know, chicken, prepared in a new way, according to the Greeks. The dish is also economical, easy and, once the marinating period is complete, easy to complete and serve.

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