Greek Salad with Avocado

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Salads are a great way to get you and your family to eat greens while enjoying a refreshing meal. This Greek salad is a traditional Greek salad recipe that includes avocados into the fray. Tomato nutrition is also added since Greek salads are a great way to include tomatoes to your salad of choice. There is also olive nutrition added since kalamata olives are the usual choice for most traditional Greek salad recipes. Greek salads are great since they can almost be a whole meal on their own. They are a great afternoon snack that can keep you filled up until the dinner hour.

They are easy to make and use ingredients that most home cooks keep in the fridge or pantry. Tomato nutrition is great since they contain lycopene and it has been believed that it is a great antioxidant and has many other great uses for our system. Olive nutrition is also added and if you consider the great facts regarding olive oil then getting the olive whole gives you all the great nutrients that they have to offer. Olives are a great snack and if you love them then you will be a fan of any Greek salad recipe since they are one of the original ingredients. Greece is known for their wonderful olives and the great thing about kalamata olives are the fact that when you purchase them they already are salty then that means you can ease up on any extra salt, which is always a great idea.

Avocados have been part of our diets and recipes for thousands of years. The first archeological evidence discovered that gave us a timeline for how long they have been with us comes from a cave in Puebla, Mexico. This amazing discovery shows that humans as far back as 10,000 B.C have eaten them. They also have been found in Central and South America and they made their way to California and were grown there when the environment was more to their liking.Since those early days there are many countries in the world that grow them. California is known as the largest producer. Avocados have been included in many recipes that go from many different salads like this one. They are also a big part of most salsas and they are even found in ice cream recipes all around Asia. This huge seeded fruit has recently become a hot health item since their Monounsaturated Fat content is very high and this is very good especially for people with high cholesterol. The fact that they are good for us is not lost in the fact on how great they taste.

Heidi makes great use of them while including them in a traditional Greek salad recipe. They are great for salads since their texture adds some bit to most salads but since Greek salads have so many crunchy ingredients their softness goes great. Thanks to Heidi of Foodie Crush Blog for this yummy Greek Salad with Avocado Recipe and bon apetit.**

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