Greek Style Oven Fries

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The name given to this recipe is called Greek Style Oven Fries, but they are really just the standard Greek potatoes you could get at any good Greek restaurant. And they are fabulous. These may be my very favorite kind of potato. They cook up wonderfully tender, with a few crunchy bits on the edges, and this flavor from the oil and lemon as well as the seasonings that is simply to die for delicious. There is little to compare to this style potato, at least from my perspective. The very first time I tried Greek potatoes, I went home and baked and baked them until I had figured out just how to make them right. Here, the recipe is ready for you to try—and do so, because every one in your family will love them.

These potatoes are not really fries, but if the name (or word or expression, what ever you call it) gets the kids to try them, go for it. Once they taste them, you will be hard pressed to get them to eat regular fries (but no loss there!). These potatoes are great on their own, as a snack, but they are also terrific with fish, meat or chicken, in almost any variation. They would also be great with simple hamburger patties, where you can just allow the seasoning from the potatoes to help flavor the meat. Serve this dish with side greens such as snap peas or summer green beans, and squirt extra lemon and some olive oil and pepper over the greens. Yum.

This is just such a simple dish that is surprising with the big flavor that it pumps out. You will love them, and so will the kids and every one else in the family. Best of all, it is also a cheap and quick dish to make up for any time of the day or evening. Enjoy this recipe soon.

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