Green Bean Salad With Grainy Dijon Shallot Vinaigrette

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Who does not love fresh green beans in the summer time? And although they are fabulous just picked from the vine and eaten right there in the summer sunshine, sometimes you want to cook them up and eat them for dinner. So try this recipe for Green Bean Salad With Grainy Dijon Shallot Vinaigrette when you make them for dinner. This is a fabulous and easy recipe that uses steamed greens and a terrific blend of herbs (fresh ones) to really make a flavor statement. The herbs will really add flavor to the oil and vinegar base that they are blended with, and then poured over the greens.

You might make this dressing ahead of time, even the day before or at least the morning when you plan to serve the green beans. That will just allow some time for the herbs to really infuse the oil and vinegar with their flavor. If you wait to make this dish just before you serve dinner, it will still taste absolutely fabulous. Green beans are a great vegetable, best, of course, when picked from your own back yard garden. Second choice is to go to a U-pick and get them fresh, but if you cannot do that, try a farmer’s market where they will still not likely be more than 24 hours off the vine. Take them home and eat them right away. And be sure to buy a lot of extra so that little hands can help themselves to the snap of fresh beans as you bite in to them. What could taste better?

Be sure to not over cook your beans. They should be just cooked and just beyond the snap! point. That will usually only take one or two, possibly three, minutes. Be sure to check every 30 seconds or so until they are done. The beans turn a bright green when they are ready, another signal to watch for. Enjoy this recipe soon.

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