Green Pea Salad Recipe

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Use fresh peas from your garden, the farmer’s market, or even the grocery store to make this Green Pea Salad Recipe. The flavor depends on freshness in the peas, so the fresher, the better. Of course, peas do freeze fabulously well (like corn, they are quite amazing even when frozen) so if you are stuck, use frozen instead. Another secret to making this recipe taste great is to be sure to chop the other ingredients up quite fine (no bigger than the peas or so) so they don’t overpower the peas when you take a mouthful. Balance is key.

This recipe comes together quickly, and as the blogger and recipe creator notes, it will serve up wonderfully at summer gatherings. Family and friends will love the bright green color, the ingredients, and the light and tangy sauce. One of the best things about summer are the recipes that you get to try at the many outings and picnics that everyone seems to hold at that time of year. This is one of them, and is a great choice to bring to group suppers. It just requires some time in the fridge to get good and cold, and then this salad is ready to go.

Salads are wonderful things to make because you can really experiment with different flavors. And so many things taste so well together when they are served up fresh and uncooked. Choose as many greens as you like, including arugula, spinach, kale, and Swiss chard and mustard greens for a hefty salad that wallops you with great green taste. Toss in some beans, black, white or read, and make a quick sauce with oil, vinegar and lemon. Yum. There are so many ways to enjoy food in the summer, it seems. And so many foods can be purchased very fresh, or can even come from your own back yard garden. Enjoy them all!

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