Green Powerhouse Salad

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Enjoy this Green Powerhouse Salad recipe, and start to see why greens are so highly promoted as super foods. Almost every green is a good one, and so you can have plenty of options for this Green Powerhouse Salad recipe if you make it for you and the family tonight. This particular Green Powerhouse Salad recipe includes about half a dozen greens in it, all of them offering plenty of great nutrition. You can feel really good about eating this salad recipe as well as super great for feeding it to the kids and the family. This salad recipe is easy to make, of course, and will help serve up good vitamins and minerals that you and your family need to give all of you get up and go for the day.

It is sometimes surprising that we do not eat greens at every meal. They are just so nutritious and offer a great array of complex carbohydrates as well as other important components that support our good health. Avocadoes are just one of the six or so veggies that are included in this salad recipe, and they are practically a super food for all the benefits that they have to offer us. Avocado helps the absorption of certain carotenoids that are important to our health and so are good foods to eat with colorful foods. In addition, avocado helps to convert components in to vitamin A, an important vitamin to a good diet. When you peel an avocado, remember that the greatest amount of nutrition occurs near the pit as well as at the peel. So be sure to get as close to the peel as you can when you peel this veggie and also get the entire avocado around the pit. Both places are where maximum nutrition occurs for this veggie. Avocadoes do contain a high amount of fat, but it is the good fat. Avocadoes lower the risk of heart disease as well as lowering the levels of oxidative elements in our blood when we eat them. The high levels of monounsaturated fats in avocadoes, especially the oleic acid it contains, help to keep our heart strong. So this food is a great one to eat on a very regular basis, if only in small quantities.

This green salad recipe also includes a great dressing. The dressing is made from olive oil, and extra virgin olive oil, at that, as well as lemon. Adding in fresh garlic would really bump up the nutrition. If you do, be sure to crush the garlic or chop it, and allow it to sit a few minutes for the nutritional benefits to get going before you squeeze lemon juice over it.

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