Grilled 3-Cheese Pimento Sweet Pepper Poppers

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These Grilled 3-Cheese Pimento Sweet Pepper Poppers will make a yummy lunch served with a tart and tangy green salad. There are multiple cheeses and other ingredients that come together and get stuffed into little boats of dee-lish-usness. Make extra because you will be tasting these as they come out of the oven and before they reach the table. They are quick to put together, full of rich cheese, and easy to make.

First time cooks can try their hand at this dish. They learn to cut things up in different ways in order to fill them and present them in an attractive manner, and to recognize how different cheeses can complement each other. As the recipe creator comments this dish can also be made with jalapeno peppers, so why not buy a few of them when you pick up the different colored peppers you will need for this dish?

Peppers are an excellent source of nutrition, like almost all vegetables. They can vary in price, so try and find them when they are in the height of their season, usually in the summer months in North America. Use only fresh peppers; frozen will not do here. And only bake them just enough to melt the ingredients and just bake the peppers for best flavor. This dish is also easy enough to make en masse, especially if you can bribe little helpers to lend a hand. Reward them with fresh and raw pepper boats just smeared with a little cream cheese. Works like charm. Then you can make these for large groups and pop them in the oven as you need. You can also cook these on the grill, if yours is equipped with a flat pan. Enjoy!

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