Grilled Balsamic Chicken and Avocado Bruschetta Salad

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This recipe combines all the beautiful foods of summer in this one grilled balsamic chicken and avocado bruschetta salad. This dish emphasizes the flavor of balsamic vinegar, a wonderful, rich, sweet and flavorful vinegar that some might argue tastes like wine. Buy the very best balsamic vinegar that you can afford. It is worth the extra dollars for the flavor punch that a good product delivers. You will also use less, and although that might not compensate for the increased cost, it is worth it to eat food that is that flavorful.

This recipe is broken down in to four parts. Be sure to read through so you know how it all comes together. The recipes are simple enough for each part, and there is no real preference as to which step you should do first. Of course, it is usually easier to just follow the steps that the blogger and recipe creator puts forward, since—she, in this case—knows what she is doing and has prepared a recipe that moves along smoothly for you.

This Grilled Balsamic Chicken and Avocado Bruschetta Salad is also chock full of nutrition. The benefits of avocado are practically legendary, especially the carotenoids they contain as well as the ability of avocadoes to support and improve the absorption of carotenoids from other foods into your body. So if you are eating salad greens like spinach or kale, which are already carotenoid rich foods, adding some avocado in to the dish will allow your body to absorb and use this nutrient much more effectively, possibly up to six times better. Chicken is another terrific food, low in fat and salt and full of protein. Bread, seasoned and toasted, rounds out this great salad. Try it today. You will eat if often if you do!

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