Grilled Barbecue Bacon Meatloaf Sandwich

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The words grilled, bacon and meatloaf alone will pull many peoples attention toward this recipe. Sometimes the name of a recipe alone can inspire hunger. There are many gourmet burger recipes out there and this one is definitely a fit into that category. The best gourmet burger recipe is usually the one that you love to make and your diners love to eat. That goes for the best cheeseburger recipe as well. Spring is usually the time that many of us start to consider barbequing. Some people will barbeque even with 3 feet of snow and to tell the truth that sounds great. If you consider gourmet burger recipes then have a look at Melanie’s offering. She came up with this recipe for all the Fathers and Husbands out there.

This is her go to best gourmet burger recipe that she is sure you and your significant other and family will love. If you add cheese to it as she does then this can also be the best cheeseburger recipe too. As with any recipe you decide to make always know that you are the architect and with that being said you are the one who decides what gets left out and what gets added. Ground beef or leftover meatloaf is the inspiration for this recipe.Ground beef made into a meatloaf is great since it has many leftover uses and with recipes like this one you can inspire yourself into coming up with more uses. Meatloaf can be made in many different ways with many different ingredients. You can cook this delicious treat in many

different ways and the vessels for cooking are as varied as the ingredients.

Meatloaf can be formed into many differ shapes and as long as you have ground meat, most any will work, and something to help bind everything together than you have a meatloaf recipe. Being made in many different ways adhering to the recipes of the specific country it finally was brought to the Americas with immigrants who had already made it for many years. Meat in some kind of form has been cooked by many different cultures. The fact that it is so close in the cooking process to many other dishes from around the world is what adds to our fascination of it. Many of us are glad the day it finally got into print so we can take that original recipe and as we all do, we can put our own spin on the ingredients and the topping. Adding and subtracting to recipes is why they are so great.Meatloaf can be stored in the freezer for long periods and can be brought out and added to recipes like this one. Leftovers can be the inspiration for many new recipes since half the work has already been done so always consider using them in new recipes and not jut reheating them. Thanks to Melanie of Melanie Makes Blog for this yummy Grilled Barbeque Bacon Meatloaf Sandwich recipe and bon apetit.**

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