Grilled Cheese Fries

Photo Credit: Mrs Happy Homemaker

When we were kids, grilled cheese sandwiches were definitely a staple in the meal department, that and mac n cheese of course. If you still love a good grilled cheese sandwich every now and then, try out these amazing looking Grilled Cheese Fries! All of those years growing up, there was hardly anything better than coming in from playing to have a nice warm grilled cheese sandwich waiting for you to eat it. Sometimes with a nice bowl of tomato soup or maybe some Zoodles or Alphaghetti, but always with a nice big squirt of ketchup to dip the edges of your sandwich in!

Few things have changed, and kids still love grilled cheese sandwiches as much as we all did when we were growing up. Now there are even more innovations to the old classic favourite, and now it they have more substance to them like putting some spinach or tomato right in there with the cheese, or maybe even some meat like bacon or chicken. There are so many different kind of grilled cheese sandwiches out there now. But I had never heard of doing them this way before now! What a great idea though!

With these grilled cheese sandwiches, you don't just stop at cutting it on a diagonal and serving it, these ones are cut into many strips and then after that, they are deep fried to bring the crispiness factor up a few notches. They do look really good, and would be a fun way for kids to eat them too. They would be the perfect little finger food, with a side of ketchup to dip them in of course. These would also be fun at a party with a little personal dipping sauce like a tomato basil soup, or a creamy aioli sauce. Try them out! Head over to 'Mrs Happy Homemaker' by following the link in the section below for more!

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