Grilled Chicken Chimichangas

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Grilled Chicken Chimichangas make this usually deep-fried delight something you can make on your stove top with a lot more simplicity and ease than the full meal deal. It still delivers big flavor so your family will quickly line up for seconds, but you don’t have to deep-fry this great meal. And this recipe is very special because it gives you directions to create a super marinade for the chicken (which sits over night before you cook it, so keep that in mind as you plan to make this dish). Once marinated, this chicken cooks up tender and delicious, gets wrapped with plenty of optional ingredients, then fried in a big of oil right at the stove.

This is a great and balanced meal; so don’t worry too much about the oil. Just use a good oil and set the chimichangas on napkins or paper towels so extra oil is quickly drained out, then serve this up with plenty of cheese, veggies and yogurt or sour cream. There are so many ways to eat this dish that it is easy to add goodness to balance out the small amount of frying. Frying fell out of popularity with our focus on not eating too much fat, but if you are careful, the amount of fat that you might use here, can at least be of good quality and not contain any trans fats. For example, we no longer use Crisco oil for frying, something most of our parents like used often. Today we might use olive oil or grapeseed oils, both of which contain important nutrients that support our good health.

Try this dish whenever you want to serve chicken marinated with some fabulous seasonings. Your family will enjoy this meal served as either lunch or dinner. You can even make them up and leave them in the fridge and let older kids prepare them, as they like. Just keep an eye on the oil use!

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