Grilled Chicken Fajita Marinade

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This awesome Grilled Chicken Fajita Marinade would be such a nice, light and fresh recipe to make in the summer time, when you want a lighter meal and not all the heavier creamy sauces or marinades. This marinade features all the light and fruity flavours I always love, like lime, orange and cilantro. It totally has a Mexican vibe to it with the citrus and the cilantro. It would be so awesome shredded up and put into fajitas too! With some nice rice and sour cream. This would also be great for chicken just on its own as a salad or with another side like brown rice or quinoa. I love these fruity flavours mixed with savoury flavours like the salty worcestershire sauce and the savoury garlic.

Make sure that you take time ahead, like the night before to marinate this chicken so that you can be ready to grill it up the next day. That is always the thing with me when I make recipes that need to be marinated, I usually don't realize it until the last minute that the chicken needs to marinate over night and I am so mad because I really want to make it for that very night. Guess with some things the wait is worth it. This recipe would also be awesome with some mango and some chiles mixed in. I love spicy food so this would be awesome for me. Totally favourite this recipe and save it for future use! It would be a hit at any BBQ or gathering. Even as leftovers this would make for some awesome chicken.

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