Grilled Hawaiian Chicken Teriyaki Bowls

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This Grilled Hawaiian Chicken Teriyaki Bowl recipe will have the family lined up with their bowls to get a piece of this meal. And then gobbling it down and returning to the line up for seconds and thirds. This dish, Grilled Hawaiian Chicken Teriyaki Bowls, offers a wonderful combination of sweet, tangy and sultry flavors, all of which will titillate our taste buds and help to satisfy our desire for a filling and delicious meal.

It is also worth the time to go to the web site, Taste Better From Scratch, to see what this dish looks like when you are ready to present it at the dinner table. It is beautiful. Just the variations in the colors, textures, and ingredients that go into this dish let you know that it is clearly a great meal. Here, a bunch of different peppers (red, green, and yellow and so on) are blended as well as zucchini, which is always delicious (but make sure to not overcook it; zucchini cooks up in about one minute, literally, and can overcook in just two or three minutes, so keep an eye on this veggie when you prepare it). The grilled pineapple will add a lovely tangy flavor to these also slightly sweet vegetables. And those flavors will work brilliantly against the coconut rice that forms part of this recipe. To make the coconut rice, use basmati or jasmine rice, and not a brown or other dark rice. With the lighter rices, the subtle flavor of the coconut will be better able to shine through.

This grilled Hawaiian chicken teriyaki recipe is a terrific blend of veggies that are great and a bit different from the usual fair served with chicken and all of that over coconut rice. Coconut offers a nutritional boost, although its value is sometimes debated because of the saturated fats in the coconut. Still, there seems to be plenty of evidence that in cultures where coconut is eaten quite often, it provides superior health benefits. In any case, coconut is what we have here, and for the occasional meal, it is likely nothing to worry about. So enjoy this dish soon, won’t you?

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