Grilled Onion Bombs

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This recipe is lots of fun and loads plenty of onion in to a primarily cheese and bread mixture that tastes great with it and suits the onion perfectly. This dish is called Grilled Onion Bombs, and you can make them for the BBQ as well as the oven. These Grilled Onion Bombs will taste great with hamburgers, steak, chicken or even shrimp, whichever your family enjoys best. Try them soon.

When the onions are cooked, they become very sweet (onions have a lot of sugar in them). So when you cook an onion and leave big chunks as this recipe calls for, you can really taste the fabulous flavor of the onion itself. Here the onion is complemented with lots of cheese and bread crumbs. This blend is great. And every one will enjoy this new twist on how to cook up onions. Serve these bombs with your favorite BBQ and some steamed greens or a big fresh salad. In the heat of summer when you want only some thing fairly light to eat, these onion bombs along with a side salad are the perfect combination.

These bombs are very cheap as well as easy to make, and economical too. They will be enjoyed by every one who tries them, especially if they have not tasted an entire onion before. The sweetness can be a real surprise the first time you try it. And the sultry and rich flavor of cheese pairs perfectly here. Try this recipe soon. Your family will enjoy it, and onions are a great vegetable to serve your family, loaded with vitamins and anti-oxidants that support their good health. Enjoy this dish soon.

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