Grilled Salmon with Avocado Salsa

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Here is a grilled salmon with avocado salsa recipe that is as delicious as it is nutritious. On days when your family has been on the go (even more than usual) restore their energy levels with this nutrient rich combination. Serving it up as displayed on the website is also easy and will bring rave reviews from your family and friends who come to dinner. This dish is beautiful to look at, as the red-brown of the grilled salmon contrasts nicely with the bright green of the avocado.

This recipe is two parts. First, you spice up and grill the salmon. Don’t worry too much about timing. If the salmon sits for a few minutes once it is cooked, it will only give time for the flavors to come together even better. Salmon tastes delicious whether served warm, cold or anywhere in between. The second part is to make the avocado salsa. This is a quick and easy recipe using lime and cilantro, perfect complementary flavors to the rich avocado. The tartness of the lime and the sharp lemon and pepper of cilantro nicely break up the somewhat buttery taste of avocado. And the salsa is a great complement to the salmon.

Serve this dish with rice if you like it, although potato salad or dressed noodles would also be delicious. If you make the rice, grate some of the lime rind into it before serving and sprinkle it with some cilantro to layer those flavors throughout your dish. This is a delicious BBQ dinner that your family is sure to ask for repeatedly and that you can be happy to serve them. Check out the recipe and look for fresh wild salmon to serve tonight.

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