Grimy tile is hard to clean but copying this idea using a power tool will make this job easier

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Is the tile in your bathroom looking really grimy? Try out these simple life hacks and cleaning tips from Hometalk to get cleaner tile with less work involved. These cleaning tips from Shawna over at Hometalk will teach us not only how to clean your tile easily, but she will also teach you how to make your very own power drill brush attachment. By making this diy brush attachment for your power drill, you allow the drill to do all of the scrubbing work, so you save yourself a lot of time and energy cleaning your tiles. You can also follow some all natural cleaning tips to make your own homemade tile cleaner very easily and affordably. You don't need to buy any expensive tile cleaner or one with chemicals in it. In fact, using natural ingredients will clean your tiles just as well as the chemical ones, and you won't have to bring any toxins into your home. All you need to make your own drill brush attachment is one of those soap dispensing brushes that you can find at any dollar store or home improvement store. Take the brush off of the refillable soap compartment and attach the brush to your drill by following these simple steps.

If there's already a hole in the centre of the brush that's great, see if it fits on a screw. If it doesn't then drill the hole a little bigger so the screw fits through. Once you can fit the screw through, do so and then add a washer and a nut to hold it in place. Now you can add it to your drill just like a regular drill bit, and your power scrubber is ready to use. Instead of using your drill in it's regular mode, use it in reverse, so the drill doesn't try to detach the power scrubber attachment. When it's all set in place, you can scrub your tile. Just place the bristles right on the tile and press the trigger on your drill to power it. It works very well for scrubbing away tough to clean grime and scum without all of the hard work you would have to do otherwise. Use with your favourite tile cleaner or make your own homemade tile cleaner out of natural ingredients.

To make your own tile cleaner all you'll need is some white vinegar and some dish soap. Use an all natural dish soap like Mrs Meyer's dish soap or any other natural dish soap you like. Use an empty bottle to mix half vinegar and half dish soap in and tilt back and forth to mix well. Once your tile cleaner is well mixed, you can then squirt or pour it all over your tiles making sure you cover them in the cleaning solution. Spread it around with a cloth, or you could even try spraying it on with a spray bottle if you have an extra one around. Once you have a good layer of the cleaning solution on your tiles, allow it to sit for 30 minutes or longer. Let it sit for an hour or longer especially if you have really dirty tiles. Then, you can spray a bit more of the cleaner or just some water on the tiles and use your power drill cleaner to scrub down the tile. The mixture of the cleaner and the diy power brush will get rid of any grime and scum. Try it out in your bathroom and then try it on other tiled areas of your home. It will also work well for getting your tile grout really clean too.***

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