Grinch Cake

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Here is a great Grinch that is a gruesome green just horrible enough to make the kids scream with delight when you bring it out for lunch or dinner. And the recipe is so easy you might as well turn over the keys to the kitchen and let the kids go crazy for a day making this Grinch cake recipe themselves. They will love every minute of it. And since the cake is just a commercial mix, it is easy enough to do, and the icing can be a commercial purchase as well. Just add food coloring to make it the shade of green that you want in your cake recipe, or buy the frosting already colored and make the Grinch cake recipe a real breeze to put together.

Cake mixes have become quite good in the last 20 or so years, so that you can expect really great results from commercial cakes. This cake recipe also adds in a couple of bananas that will add some nice texture, flavor and allow a wonderful smell to permeate the cake. That might be a great idea since the green color will likely not encourage any adults to try this fun and friendly, kid oriented Grinch cake recipe. So let the kids have at it.

This cake recipe is super simple and it will be pretty impossible for the kids to go wrong making it. You can put your feet up and make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy the show. The Grinch is a very famous character as well as story from the Dr. Seuss collection of tales. The Grinch story was made famous (again) a few years ago when Jim Carey, a Canadian comedian, played the role in a Hollywood movie. It tells the tell of a green character whose heart is “two sizes too small” and who, through a series of events, has his heart grow to a huge size. This loved tale is told at Christmas, the season where the story itself takes place.

One fun thing that you might do is to read the Grinch tale to the kids while they make the Grinch cake recipe. That would be a great way to pass the day, and if it is near the holidays, they will love hearing the tale, as they bake the cake that goes with it. Try this cake soon, and why not let the kids make it? They will love the green frosting with the lumps in it, and have a real blast making it and smearing it over the cake and creating their own lumpy designs in the frosting. Do try this cake soon (or let the kids try it) and enjoy yourself.

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