Ground Beef Ketchup Meatloaf

Photo Credit: Grandmother's Kitchen

This ground beef ketchup meatloaf is one that the kids are sure to like. Meatloaf is a staple in many homes as it is inexpensive, quick and easy to prepare. The ingredients in this recipe offer comfort food type flavors. One good trick if you are preparing this for children that a a bit fussy about eating onions is to dice them into really small pieces so that they don't have texture when the meatloaf is done. Often it is texture that children are not keen on. The same goes with the bread crumbs, make sure they are very fine, that way when you mix the meatloaf together, everything is very even. The key ingredients to this being a family friendly meatloaf are the barbecue sauce which is sweet and the ketchup which most people love. Be sure to choose a barbecue sauce flavor that your family already loves.

This recipe comes from Grandmother's Kitchen, which is one of our favorite resources for recipes. They recipes are easy to follow, have great photos and many are good old fashioned flavors. There are many other meatloaf recipes there as well made with a variety of ingredients. Please just click on the link just below to Grandmothers Kitchen for the full list of ingredients and recipe. Enjoy!

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