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The NOMAD Cube is a groundbreaking eco-conscious unique small house plan. The tiny house designs are manufactured in British Columbia, Canada for easy do it yourself assembly. Inside these unique small house, plans is a living room, a kitchen, bathroom and sleeping area. The rooms are all seamlessly integrated into an efficient 12.5 foot by 12.5-foot dwelling. It's a modern tiny house design with the perfect balance of space and modern home design that's within in financial reach for people with lower incomes. More and more there is an astonishingly high percentage of North America's population that is unable to find safe, comfortable housing despite incomes that are well above the poverty level. This is because of the high increase in land cost versus earnings. Local governments across the continent are now working towards other viable solutions to this problem with initiatives such as the densification through building vertical, smaller living spaces and infill housing. Though the pricing for high-rise apartments has been driven by land costs, the construction costs are the sole determinant for infill housing. Unfortunately, labor-intensive conventional construction methods are fraught with the rising costs of building materials that are prompted by the increased building standards and pressure on the natural resources.

NOMAD believes that a completely new approach to home design and construction technology is what is needed to help combat the rising home prices. The Nomad Cube's compact tiny house design and size maintain affordability while still providing a living space that feels upscale rather than compromised in design. The pre-cut components of the Nomad and the insulated panels snap and screw together, which eliminates the need for skilled assembly trades and complex construction processes. The NOMAD Cube’s modular tiny house design facilitates flexible floor plan layout options and, most importantly, this tiny house design is mass produced to reduce costs through economies of scale. A suite of off-grid components also helps to facilitate sustainable functionality, which is completely independent of conventional services. The Nomad unique small house plans can be used for landowners, developers, governments, corporations, and universities who are in critical need of affordable housing for low-wage earners, staff, and students. The NOMAD Cube is a modern compact tiny house design that can be easily assembled without the need for skilled trades. These unique small house plans are in sharp contrast to conventional home designs. The Nomad can be shipped worldwide and assembled in a matter of days with minimal need for foundations. Each NOMAD Cube tiny house design module costs $32,000 plus delivery.

The NOMAD Cube's design and components conform to both the Canadian and United States building codes for single-family residential structures. However, each country, city, state, province, and town may also have their own code interpretations, zoning regulations, or specific bylaws, relating to density, the floor area, height, maximum number of structures, and more. Therefore, people who are considering a NOMAD tiny house design should confirm acceptance by local authorities in advance. The NOMAD Cube components are shipped in either box vans, shipping containers, or flat-bed trucks, depending on the distance the tiny house designs are traveling, the number of NOMAD tiny house designs being shipped, and the methods that are available for unloading at the building site and destination. You will want to take a closer look for yourself at these modern and unique small house plans.

You will find these unique small house plans on the Nomad Micro Homes site. On the site, you will out more about these tiny house designs and how you can use them for your small house living needs and so much more. **

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