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When it comes to growing the perfect tomatoes, there is a little bit of practice that goes into it. That is why when you want to start garden of your own you want to listen to the pros. Starting tomato seeds needs to be done early enough so you can reap the benefits of beautiful tomatoes at the right time of year. If you are thinking about starting a garden, you will want to take a look at these helpful tips that you can't live without. For anyone who has tried to grow tomatoes and not had the best success, these tips will prove to be just what is needed. With everything from starting tomato seeds, to how to start a garden, these tips will be worth their weight in gold when it comes time to harvest.

Starting tomato seeds should be done in late January in a heated greenhouse if possible. Then at the right time, they will get transferred to a gallon container, that will then go into one your freshly prepared beds when the time is right. When it comes time to start garden, the tomatoes are placed three feet apart. The closer you place the tomato plants the less fruit you will have. You want to dig a nice deep hole to accommodate all the additions, and the exact depth of the hole will be dependent upon how tall the seedling is that you start with. You will want the tomato plant to be almost completely submerged into the soil. Before the tomato plant is put in the hole, you will want to first prepare the soil. That means using some fish head if you can get them and covering with a bit of soil. Yes, some people use fish heads which might seem a bit odd but they add plenty of benefits to the soil. You might be able to get fishheads for free from a good butcher or a fishmonger. To the hole, you can add things like fish tails and spines, fish guts, shrimp, crab or lobster shells. You might worry about animals digging them up, but the gardener who wrote the article says they have had no problems. These should be the first thing that goes into the hole when starting a garden. If don't like the idea of putting fish heads into the hole, you can use some fish meal instead.

The next thing that goes into the tomato start garden hole are a couple of aspirin tablets and some crushed egg shells. The aspirin will help jump start the tomato plant’s immune system. You can put three or four crushed chicken egg shells into the tomato hole as well. The egg shells help to supply a nice calcium boost, which will also help prevent blossom end rot, the fish heads and bone meal should also help with that. Then next into the start garden hole you will put some bone meal. A heaping handful of bone meal should do. This provides a nice organic phosphorus source, which is essential for tomato blossom production. What this essentially means is that the more blossoms on the tomato plant, the more fruit the plant will produce. The heaping handful of bonemeal will also help to increase the calcium availability for the tomato. Next, into the tomato hole should go a couple of handfuls of vegetable and herb fertiliser.

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