Growing Up In A 100 Year Old Log Home

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There is such a buzz around log houses, small log cabins, off grid life and the tiny house movement. Back when I was buying a home this log house happened to be available for purchase. This 100 year old log house became home for a number of years. Lifestyle is important and if you want things to do with your family, there are plenty of fun family ideas that can be a part of a healthy lifestyle when you are living in this type of environment. It happened to also be sitting on 160 acres and had its own small lake on the land. This was not a luxury log home by any means but the log builders of 100 years ago did a fine job in this log cabin building as it was solid and sound. We did put a couple of additions onto the place to make a little extra space for our family as the original log house itself was just one room.

Many people today are in the process of preparing their log home plans and designs and are planning a lifestyle that includes family. For many, family life today is so rushed and filled with technology that healthy living is only a dream. Living in this country setting allowed us a lifestyle of health and well being. Some of our fun family outings included starting a garden and growing organic vegetables. Planting a vegetable garden is something even the smallest of kids can participate in. They only need a bit of dirt to dig in. We learned how to grow potatoes and how to grow carrots along with all the other easy to grow vegetables that do well in our area. Hiking and swimming in the small lake were a part of our family fun events. There are so many things to do with children when you are living this type of lifestyle. We did have electricity to the property and back then solar power and solar energy were just ideas that were evolving but these days if you are building a house off the grid, off grid electrical systems can be part of your plans.

Living in the busy world that we all do nowadays it is easy to forget just how sweet it is to fall asleep to the sounds of frogs and crickets on a hot summer night or to wake up with the sunrise just because you want to. There is something nourishing for the soul to watch the life in your garden come alive and spring with bursts of colors, sounds and smells. This is a feeling that although I continue to try to replicate on my apartment balcony, simply is just not the same. All this being said, I have also learned that country living and log home living is not for everyone. Some of us feel better with a locked house and people constantly near by. That is the beautiful thing about our diverse planet is that there is really something for everyone.

Not only did we love our little log house, but this sweet small log home was built in a way that made me forever want to build a log cabin from scratch. There is something special about log cabin designs that are entirely created with your family in mind. From the children's loft to the open concept living room connected to the kitchen so we could enjoy each other during the evenings. Log home building has been a huge part of our family and we spent many years surrounded by log house designs, log cabin designs and the smell of sawdust always lingering. Later in life I still have dreams to build a log cabin and have my own set of log cabin designs that I can mess around with to create the home of my dreams. Nowadays you do not even have to build a foundation in order to live a more simplistic cabin style lifestyle. With the tiny home movement full steam ahead, you can live in a tiny cabin on wheels and you will never have to save good bye to your childhood home and all the memories. Small mobile home are an excellent option if you want so save money and life a simpler life.

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