Ham and Cheese Biscuits

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This featured recipe from Barefeet in the Kitchen give both a traditional flour and gluten free option for these yummy savory ham and cheese biscuits. Perhaps one of my favorite combinations of foods is soft doughy bread (like these biscuits) and cheese. I could personally do without the ham, but can appreciate why it is there for the ham lovers out there. If you are not a big fan of ham, you can just use cheese and then try adding in some chopped red peppers or thinly sliced asparagus.

The base recipe can remain the same and you can play with the colors and flavors of your additions. To me, the best way to serve these ham and cheese biscuits are either with a nice soft poached egg, or else a thick and creamy homemade potato soup. Yes, it is a lot of carbs, but I grow up in a carbohydrate loving family who is not scared of a little starch from time to time. To each there own, right?

A great tip that I had never tried before, but learned from the chef at Barefeet in the Kitchen, is to roll out your biscuits on an old fashioned tea towel and the sprinkle the tea towel with some flour. Then add the biscuit dough to the center of the towel, fold the corners over and press it together. This technique makes for nice and flaky biscuits that can then be flattened out and cut into the desired circles.

For the gluten free option, the chef uses brown rice flour which I am always a fun of for baking. It is a tiny bit gritty, although this never seems to take a way from any recipe that I use it in.

For the full recipe, head to the link below to the 'Barefeet in the Kitchen' website.

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