Ham and Cheese Crescents

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The next time you are looking to make fun food that can be family fun and part of great food ideas then look no farther. Camille gets you a recipe that can bring fun food into your kitchen and the little ones and the finickiest of eater will all love. Food ideas don’t always have to be difficult and time consuming they can be easy and family fun. This recipe gets the whole family included in the process and with food ideas like this one the child you have helping you might be inspired to become a chef. The beauty in cooking is in the ability to bring you and your family or friends closer. Food is not only meant as nourishment but is also a great way to get people together and talking. In this day and age anytime we can be together as a family is a good time.

Try to find time to include everyone in the meal and not only the eating part but the preparation and cooking as well. Camille makes it easy since she allows for you to buy the crescent roll dough and this makes the process very easy and should definitely be an enjoyable endeavor the kids can be involved in.

Camille brings her take on the grilled ham and cheese sandwich recipe to us with a slight change

when it comes to the bread side of this easy to make recipe. As with the classic ham and cheese sandwich recipe this take on the snack adds rolls and gives you the luxury of knowing it isn’t harder than taking the ham and cheese placing them in a crescent roll then baking them. Ease is always good when it comes to quick snacks. Camille makes this recipe easy by utilizing the oven to bake them in thus subtracting the pan and frying from the equation. Anytime you can use the oven instead of frying is a good thing. This recipe for your ham and cheese sandwich is made with store bought premade dough that definitely cuts down on your preparation time and with the ham and cheese filling as the only reaming ingredients you can be done and ready from start to finish in less than 30 minutes. Children love the chance to help especially when it is a snack they will eat. Camille takes usual worry out of wondering if you gave the cheese enough time to properly melt and gives you the confidence to know when it comes out of the oven it will

definitely be melted and gooey and great. Sometimes getting the cheese to melt properly is the hardest part.

The next time you want a quick and easy side dish or snack to feed the little ones after school take a minute and check out Camille’s offering. Ham and cheese will never be the same since it

now comes in a doughy wrapped blanket. Thanks to Camille of Six Sister’s Stuff Blog for this yummy Ham and Cheese Crescents Recipe and bon apetit.**

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