Ham and Cheese Gnocchi

Photo Credit: Kevin & Amanda

If you are looking for a great comfort food meal, than this one is going to be perfect for you! Check out this Ham and Cheese Gnocchi that is the ultimate comfort food that you will ever have. The great thing about this meal is that it is all made in one pan! So you don't need to mess up a lot of dishes making it! Also, everything can be bought pre made, so you don't have to spend a ton of effort creating this meal, in fact, it is super easy, maybe even as easy as mac n cheese, but better for you and probably better tasting too!

Gnocchi is a potato made type of pasta, that is kind of like a little tiny dumpling, sometimes it has other stuff in it, like spinach or cheese. But usually, it is just plain and you mix and cook it with other ingredients. Like in this case, ham and cheese! A great comfort food combo! The kids would love it too. I would put in some more veggies and maybe chicken or no meat instead of ham, but that's just me! The gnocchi can be very mushy if it is just simply boiled, so it's great that they fry it in the pan.

Gnocchi is from the Italian word, nocchio, which means a knot in the wood and has been made since Roman times. Back then it was made out of more of a porridge like dough, usually with no eggs, which are included in more modern gnocchi recipes. This recipe is sure to have everyone loving it and wanting more! The cheese melted so nicely on the top with all of the nice tomato sauce and ham, and the gnocchi soaking up all of the flavours! Try it out for yourself! Head over to 'Kevin & Amanda' by following the link in the section below for more!

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