Have You Always Wondered How to Grill a Whole Chicken

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Have you always wondered how to grill a whole chicken? Grilling an entire chicken may sound like a daunting task, but its actually quite simple and hassle-free. Weber Grills posted a video that shows exactly how you should grill a whole chicken, with clear instructions from the settings of the grill to how to prepare the chicken.

After you clean your grill, close the lid and set it to indirect heating, which means you have the sides of the grill heated and leave the middle area unheated. Indirect heating is a technique for grilling large foods - you need to cook them slow for consistency and to avoid burning the outside and leaving the inside raw. By putting the chicken on the middle grill area and letting the outer heat do the cooking, you can rest assured that it will be cooked evenly.

In the meantime, you should drizzle olive oil and season inside and out your prepared raw chicken. Then tie the chicken legs with butchers twine and fold wing tips behind chickens back. Tying the chickens legs will be trickier than you might have thought since the legs will be very slippery. There are no tricks to this - more practice will entail better results. There are also different ways to tie the legs, and the one demonstrated in the video is adequate. Makes sure you only use 100% cotton butchers twine because this is the only safe string for cooking, since it does not burn or melt on the grill. These twines available in most supermarkets and easily attainable online. When you are finished preparing the chicken, place it breast-side up on the unlit area of the grill and over indirect medium heat. Close lid and cook for 1 1/4 or 1 1/2 hrs and serve.

To see the steps in more detail and in video format, visit Weber Grills video link below.

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