Hawaiian Bubble Bread

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Hawaiian Bubble Bread is a contemporary twist on an old yeast bread you may know better as monkey bread. In commercial bakeries, and more so in artisanal ones, monkey bread means that scraps of bread pieces have been tossed into a pan and baked. When you break it open, the pieces, often all sorts of sizes, may also come from different bread recipes. The bread is held together in terms of flavor by some kind of filling, often cinnamon-based. This bread is fun to eat because it pulls apart unevenly.

This particular recipe for Hawaiian Bubble Bread offers a delicious new approach, with unique flavors, and a rather tidier baking and presentation method, on the humble monkey bread. If you like the flavors of coconut and orange and other tropical fruit, then this new version of monkey bread could be for you.

Monkey bread is a great first bread to make because the recipe is quick and easy, and it’s hard to go wrong with it. That is true for this take on the original recipe, as well. So if you have never made bread from scratch, or you have an aspiring baker in the house, this is a good recipe to attempt. Regardless of what you do, this bread will be welcomed with all kinds of cries of delight. Why not try it today? Your family can enjoy this treat as part of a meal, a snack any time of the day, or even as a dessert treat. Check out the recipe now for the ingredients you might need. Some of them are a bit unusual, but should be available at your grocery store. One tip, though, don’t substitute coconut cream with any other coconut product.

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