Hawaiian Fluff

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Uh-oh. This Hawaiian Fluff is another one of those recipes that always leads to trouble. At least that is what happens in my house. It is a mixture of total yumminess blended with scrumpdillyiciousness. As a result, no one can resist it, including the cook! Make this Hawaiian Fluff when people are home as witnesses so you cannot eat the entire batch on the sly during the day. Although its flavor does improve with time spent in the fridge, the temptation will be too great for you to resist this lovely, fluffy, light (not in calories though!) delight.

This treat is not really a dessert or even a salad, although it gets served as both things at different times. Really, this treat is just a fun thing to make that teases the palette because it is so fluffy, sweet and fun to eat. Make it for an evening when the family is at home playing board games or passing the time together. If you want your family to pass time together, suggest this treat as a way to bring them together (sometimes you just have to be devious).

This dish is so easy an amateur can easily make it, and then, a young one. So let the littlest helpers do their thing, and just be sure to have lots of marshmallows on hand. Consider buying the mini marshmallows and even the flavored ones, if you want. This is such an easy recipe to adapt to the things your family prefers. Head over to the website and bookmark this recipe under your other ones labeled, “ways to keep the family together”. Then enjoy this Hawaiian Fluff with everyone. Enjoy it soon.

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