Hawaiian Pineapple Coconut Cream Chicken

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Enjoy this Hawaiian Pineapple Coconut Cream Chicken recipe and make a dinner that is both sweet and tangy for you and the kids tonight. This chicken recipe is super simple to make, and you might even teach your older kids how to make it so they can pull it together on their own when you are not available to make dinner (or on a night when they just want to make it for you!). Any way that you make it, most of the ingredients are added after the chicken is cooked, and basically sprinkled on top of the cooked chicken.

So this chicken recipe is quite simple and quick to make. You lightly brown the chicken as you normally do when you are planning to cook it in a liquid later, and then add the coconut cream and allow the chicken to complete cooking. That is it. You are done. What is left is the plating of the chicken, which is also where the fun begins. This chicken recipe calls for ingredients such as pineapple, coconut (that you toast for extra flavor), macadamia nuts and plenty of other contrasting and complementary ingredients. The end result? A wonderful combination of tangy, sweet, sultry and sharp flavors that will just taste fabulous when you serve it over a bed of rice. You can use either white rice or brown rice for this recipe, as you prefer. If you choose to make this chicken recipe with brown rice, be sure to set the rice on the stove to cook first, before you begin the rest of the recipe. That is because long grain brown rice can take about forty five minutes to cook, and so the rice will take longer to be ready than the chicken recipe. So be sure to begin with the rice, if it is brown that you plan to use.

There are plenty of different kinds of rice that will be delicious with this chicken recipe. You could choose to use basmati rice, which has a light and delicate flavor. It is available as either white or brown rice. Or you could choose to use jasmine rice, which is also fabulous. There are other types of rice, too, including the faux rice, Indian Rice that is black and where the individual grains are very long. This type of rice (really, a grain) is quite expensive, but it tastes wonderfully when it is served against chicken and the Hawaiian flavors that are put forward in this terrific recipe. You and your family will really enjoy this unique and interesting combination of meat, nuts and fruit and the lovely blend of tastes that result from it. Enjoy this great recipe soon!

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