Hawaiian Pizza

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How you take your pizza can some times just depend on the mood you are in. Double pepperoni and cheese? Sounds like you are looking for comfort food. The works? Did you just come from the gym? And then there is Hawaiian Pizza. This flavor combination seems to have those people who really enjoy it, and those people who entirely eschew it from their pizza choices. However, whether you like ham and pineapple as part of your pizza, this recipe includes instructions on how to make a home made crust, so you might double the crust recipe and make your favorite pizza blend on one, and try this tart and salty blend on the other one.

A Hawaiian Pizza blends sweet and salty with umami, the flavor that is in the crust (a somewhat earthy and yet bland, rather complex to identify flavor). Unlike pepperoni and cheese, which in some ways is the same flavor underscored with different ingredients (salt and rich) the Hawaiian pizza contrast flavors. That means the taste gets some what broken up on the palette, with your mouth tasting first sweet and then salty under scored by an overall sultry and umami taste. For some, the breaking up of the flavor is really enjoyed; others prefer to just taste the beef (as they used to say).

Pizza is a wonderful dish that tastes great just about any way you make it. So enjoy your pizza the way that you and your family like best. This recipe offers a dough recipe to go with the toppings. Making your own dough will dramatically increase the flavor, especially since you can also choose whether to make the dough thick (use all of it in the recipe) or thinner (use less dough to make the crust). In all, try this Hawaiian pizza out when you are in the mood for some thing new and flavorful. You just might like it. Enjoy.

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