He Opens a Can Using Just His Hands

Photo Credit: Crazy Russian Hacker

Okay, here is a crazy video you simply must watch to see how he opens a can using just his hands. This video is part of the video series on survival techniques, called Zombie survival tips, and they are hilarious to watch. The example discusses that you may have survived the apocalypse and have found a can of food that you want to open. This technique does require a bit of practice. The example used is how to open a tin of tuna. The technique is relatively straightforward and does not require any tools. It does require at least a bit of concrete, but, as the host comments, there is concrete everywhere. After a bomb blast, it may also be available in pieces.

There are a lot of interesting and simple survival techniques that you can use just for camping. For example, heating rocks in a fire, then putting them in a pot of water can cause the water to boil almost instantly. Of course, you want to be sure the rocks are clean, although setting them in a fire should make them pretty much sterile. This trick works really well if you want hot water quickly. Another trick is to put your clothing that you plan to wear the next day at the bottom of your sleeping bag at night. This keeps your feet warm as well as your clothes, not to mention that you can dress much more quickly. Your clothes do get rumpled, of course, but generally on a camping trip that is not too important.

These techniques such as opening a can using just hands to do it can be very handy to know. These guys offer plenty of videos on survival topics and they are effective and usually inexpensive. Check it out!

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