Healthy Cookie Dough Filled Chocolate Cups

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We all raise our eye brows at least a little bit when we see the word, healthy, next to the word, cookie. But it is possible to combine good quality ingredients that have plenty of good components that support and promote our good health, and still have that food taste delicious. That is the case here with this recipe for Healthy Cookie Dough Filled Chocolate Cups. There is no cooking, with these cups, either, just some work with the microwave.

When you make a sweet from scratch—and that means not using any commercial pre-packaged elements—you can often find that this dish has lots of good things in it. Home made goods often use less sugar, have butter and eggs in them and other good ingredients. If you use organic sugars and flours you have eliminated bleaches and other crazy elements that can be found in some flours. Here, a concerted effort has gone in to the recipe to ensure that the best ingredients with the least amount of sugar, good fats, and plenty of other good elements have been used in the recipe. It begins with the filling, which is loaded with cashews. Cashews are a nut, and nuts (and seeds) are the power houses of nutrition. They are action packed with lots of protein and good fats. As well they are loaded with vitamins and minerals, as well as anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories. People who incorporate nuts as part of their regular diets eat much more potassium, calcium, and other critical nutrients than people who do not include nuts as part of their regular meal plan.

There are lots of good things included in this lovely, no bake recipe for chocolate cups. Your family will enjoy this slightly different, but wonderful treat. Little hands can help a lot, and when they steal the cashews, stick their fingers in the chocolate, and eat the honey, you can feel good about all the nutrients they are taking in. Make this soon.

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