Heart Cupcakes Made with A Muffin Tin

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Use your regular muffin tin and make this Heart Cupcakes Made with A Muffin Tin and please the little ones in the household who will just love these whimsical muffins. They will also love helping to make these muffins, since they are so quick and easy. The way to make them in to a heart shape also only takes a single second to adjust the muffin paper in the muffin tin. Then you bake and serve. Or, as the site that offers this tip shows, Taste Better From Scratch, you can put frosting on these muffins and decorate them with red and white. These muffins can be made special for Valentine’s Day or just made to let the family know that you love them. Either way, the method or tip or trick to create these heart shaped cupcakes is easy peasy. It will only take have a second to see the method that the site shows you to do. Of course, you might not have the part that allows you to reshape the tin so the cupcakes bake in a heart shape, so be ready to make a possibly quick trip to the dollar store or Wal-Mart in order to get what you need to make this shape. It will not cost more than a few pennies to purchase if you do not have this item already in the house (somewhere!).

This cupcakes recipe is made from a commercial box mix so it is quick and easy to put together. Buy any flavor you like; it makes no difference to the end result. Of course, since it is a heart shaped cupcake that you are making, you might want to continue the theme with strawberry cupcakes, vanilla cupcakes with strawberry frosting, or some other play on the colors of red and white. Or you could use this combination as a starting point, and add other colors, just for fun. Blueberry muffins could create blue topped muffins, and of course, you can always make chocolate ones. Any combination could work. And the kids would love all of the flavor and color combinations.

This is a super quick recipe that is made using a commercial box mix. The point of this recipe is to show you a neat trick that allows you to shape your round muffins in to a heart shaped one. Then you ice and eat the cupcakes. You can use any commercial mix that you enjoy; it does not matter with respect to what you are trying to do with the recipe. So make up a variety of flavors and different colors of icing and have a fun afternoon with the kids making heart shaped cupcakes and frosting them.

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