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If you don't like the idea of cleaning floors with store-bought chemical cleaners, this homemade heavy duty floor cleaner is one you need to try. Despite this floor cleaning solution being made from natural products, it lends a refreshing smell to wherever it is used. Nicole, the author of 365ishpins lifestyle blog, came up with this DIY floor cleaner when she needed something that would be able to take on the bathrooms of her home. Over time, these bathrooms became unappealing to be in and required a good cleaning. Rather than relying on floor cleaning products from the store, instead Nicole made her mixture that she could be sure was safe for everyone in her home. Some of these ingredients you may already have on hand, but if you don’t, they can easily be found at the store.

To start, Nicole mixes a combination of white vinegar, Dish soap and washing soda together which makes a foamy liquid cleaning solution, perfect for tile floors. Nicole warns that this cleaning mixture doesn’t work quite as well on her wooden floors, and therefore, should be reserved for tile or laminate flooring alone. White vinegar has long been a favourite of those who favour natural cleaners because it is antibacterial and will sanitise whatever surface you apply it to. While plain distilled vinegar will work very well in this solution, cleaning vinegar is the best option because it has a higher acidity level, and will be able to kill more bacteria. If you find the smell of vinegar to be too strong, don’t worry, since the other ingredients in this mixture will overtake the scent. If desired, though, you can add some essential oils to the mixture, like lavender or lemon to give it a more pleasant scent. Alternatively, apple cider vinegar is a good choice, because its scent isn’t quite as astringent as the smell from white vinegar.

Another ingredient that commonly frequents house cleaning tips is blue Dawn dish soap. Blue Dawn has been used in a multitude of solutions from cleaning wildlife affected by oil spills to cleaning windows. Dawn dish soap is supposed to be effective enough to remove grease from wildlife, but won’t irritate their skin. The other main component to the floor cleaner is washing soda, which can be found in the same aisle where laundry detergent is located. Washing soda, alternatively known as soda ash, is a salt of carbonic acid. The alkaline nature of washing soda makes it particularly effective in removing stains from clothing. In the case of this floor cleaner, the washing soda helps remove stains and grime from the floors. Even if you have never heard of or used washing soda before, it will be worth the investment since it can be used in a multitude of tasks around the home. When mixed with boiling water, washing soda can be effective in getting drains unplugged, or it can be used for cleaning the kitchen since it cuts through grease easily.

Although you may be tempted to continue using store-bought products because they are ready to go, this cleaning solution can be made by simply mixing a few ingredients together with some water. Once the mixture is prepared, you can go ahead and mop the suspect area until it is shiny and new looking. In the long run, this solution may be cheaper and more effective than the store-bought cleaners you have used before. Thank you to Nicole, the author of 365ish Pins lifestyle blog, for sharing her heavy duty floor cleaner recipe with us. If you are intrigued by Nicole’s DIY cleaning mixture, check out her blog for the full recipe.

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