HELP! Food keeps sticking in my cast iron!

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Do you ever hear yourself crying out inside, Help! Food keeps sticking in my cast iron! And then scraped your burned dinner in to the garbage? How many times, would you say, that you have set aside your cast iron pans because you just cannot seem to get food to come out easily? This article may help you out. It describes a few essential steps that will help you to prepare a better cooking surface for your cast iron pan and then how to keep that surface in tiptop shape so that it produces the best food you can hope to prepare for yourself and your family.

Cast iron is perhaps not as popular or fashionable as it once was. Even contemporary cast iron pans are now often coated with a ceramic or other material. This approach allows the benefits of cast iron, but hopefully without some of the drawbacks such as sticking.One of the biggest advantages of cast iron is the way that it holds and retains heat. It does take some time to heat a cast iron pan up enough so that it will cook properly, as much as 30 minutes on the heat. Once at temperature, though, cast iron will stay hot a long time, and you can often turn off your heat source while you use the pan.

It does take some practice and a bit of finesse to properly use a cast iron pan, but once you do learn, you may be surprisingly reluctant to return to the contemporary metal alloys or teflon type pans that have grown so popular. That is to say, you may become a cast iron pan snob. No worries. Others have survived, and you will too.

Using traditional materials for cooking such as cast iron or copper means that you must understand how the material works. Unlike Teflon, which, although it was originally intended for military purposes, has been developed specifically since then for cooking, iron and copper were the only materials that were available to make pots and pans. So cooks learned to work with what they had, rather than buying what had been developed to help them cook more easily. Thus, cooks and bakers learned pretty quickly what the ins and outs were regarding how the materials responded to heat and cold and so on. Today, though, many of us cook and bake with modern materials and have forgotten the techniques for working with iron or copper. This article will help you to understand the best approach to success with your iron pans.

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