Herbed Potatoes Anna

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Potatoes are always a staple at any big occasion dinner and here is a different way you can try them for your next occasion. This beautiful looking dish is called Herbed Potatoes Anna. It looks like a beautiful mandala of potatoes, perfectly browned and crisped on the edges. And it seems rather simple to make as well! All you need is potatoes, butter, lots of butter, herbs and cheese. The dish kind of reminds me of scalloped potatoes, but without the cream sauce. It seems a little bit more simple than that. This would be the perfect addition to any traditional Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter meal. It would look so pretty on the table with everything else too!

A dish originally from France, this dish goes all the way back to the times of Napoleon III, and was first created by the chef Adolphe Duglr. He apparently named it after one of the famous French actresses of the time, Anna Damiens or Anna DesLions. People still to this day are not entirely sure which one it was. There are also special copper pans called Pommes Anna pans, that these are cooked in but range anywhere to $400! You most certainly don't need one of these special pans to make this though. Potatoes Anna was also featured in the late, great Julia Childs book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. I can just imagine her putting this one together!

Once it is cooked, you basically just slice it like a pie to serve it to everyone. Anyone who sees and eats this dish if you make it, will be so impressed and you can tell them a little bit about the history of it too! It looks like one of those recipes you might just have to try once. Head over to NeighborFood by following the link in the description below for more!

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