Here are 10 Ways you can Lower your Cholesterol Naturally

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Watching your cholesterol is an important aspect of maintaining and possibly even improving your good health. Here are 10 ways you can lower your cholesterol naturally and feel good every day in every way.

Cholesterol is basically a molecule that is found in our blood. It is involved in almost all our bodily functions including producing vitamin D, hormone support and production, cell wall function, and other important activities in our body. Our body can produce cholesterol, for the most part, without much help from us. What does happen is that we can eat foods that may introduce too much cholesterol in to our body and that could be a problem. On the flip side, eating foods that reduce cholesterol is also possible.

Foods that can contribute to high cholesterol include dairy products, especially fats. So limit your intake of things such as butter, ghee, margarine, lards and too much red meat.

There are also plenty of foods that can help you to lower your cholesterol before it gets out of hand and you are possibly forced to take medication to lower it. Some foods are good for every one to eat.

Following a balanced food plan is a great start to lowering your cholesterol. A good balance of fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, and proteins from fish or soya sources (rather than red meat) is a good start. Some red meat and even some fats are not intolerable. The trick is to be sure that most of your diet comes from good food sources rich in nutrients for our body.

Some foods target cholesterol and actively work to lower those levels. If cholesterol is a problem for you or for someone you love, check out this article that provides a great list you can follow in order to ensure that you and your family are eating heart smart.

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