Here is a Solution and for Shoe storage that can work for other things too

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Turn clutter and free stuff into actual organizing solutions and ways to make our lives easier. This diy idea and project to do help you organize your shoes in about three minutes and the best part is that it only takes a couple of materials to make. One of the items you most likely already have, and the other is free. You'll want to look on the Hometalk site for the full tutorial on this easy DIY idea and project to do.

For this DIY idea, you'll start with your pile of shoes. You'll want to sort and purge any shoes you no longer use or that are worn out. Put shoes that are the same sizes together and let go of the ones that just don't fit you anymore. Then add a rectangular tote. You may already have a rectangular tote at home that you can use. You'll want to insert dividers into the rectangular tote. You can use dividers that come from wine boxes. You can find these wine box dividers for free at your local wine and liquor stores. In the step by step tutorial, the shoes are a size ten girls, but these dividers will work for other shoe sizes as well. The larger sized shoes will work with one shoe per slot depending on the shoe size. This is a great way to help store children's shoes as you pass them down from one child to the next or to use for off-season storage.

Decluttering your home can be a big job. The best way to tackle this project to do is to focus on a room, a zone or a space, within a room such as your kitchen cabinets at a time. You don't need any fancy tools to help declutter your home, but you do need to have five baskets or bins. Then put everything away. For items that have been left out of their storage spaces. This could mean a coffee cup in the bathroom or bedroom, or a sweatshirt in the kitchen. Recycle the items that need to be recycled such as paper, glass or plastic. Fix or mend any items that need it. You might need to fix a pair of shoes that you love that need to be cleaned. Throw things away that are broken or can't be fixed. Donate items, that you can donate to charitable organization or another person. You can use baskets, bins, or even cardboard boxes for this task. You can bring the bins into each room in the house as you declutter or leave the bins and baskets in a central place in your home while you work. The important thing for this step of decluttering is that you don't spend time searching for a bin to collect your recycling while you're decluttering. Set these bins up before you begin so you don't waste time.

There are plenty of DIY ideas and projects to do to make our lives easier. When it comes to organizing the house, there are several DIY ideas you can use to keep the house clean. The living room is one of the hardest rooms in the house to keep tidy on a daily basis. A good idea is to declutter this space on a regular basis. Start with bookcases, a console and side tables. Then move onto your coffee table and the entertainment center. Empty these storage areas, and assess the items they store and then return the items to their proper storage spaces. Put books away, return remote controls to their proper places, fold blankets, and more. You will find this DIY idea on the Hometalk site. On the site, you will find DIY ideas, projects to do, gardening tips, craft ideas, woodwork, painting techniques, green living, home decor, outdoor living and more. **

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