Here is how to create an Organized Kids Closet

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If you love do it yourself home improvements, this one is going to inspire you. When you have kids, it's almost impossible to keep up with all of their clothes and items. People love buying kids clothing, it's all so cute and small, but then the parents have to deal with it all and organise it. Some of the clothing, the kids, don't even end up wearing because they have their favourite go-to outfits and items that they prefer wearing over anything else, so they'll just naturally gravitate toward that instead. So the other clothes just end up sitting around collecting dust and taking up space. Sounds pretty much like our own adult closets, doesn't it? We all have our favourite pieces of clothing that we feel comfortable in and that we look good in, and we generally just stick to those for the most part while our other pieces go forgotten. It's okay if you have a huge walk-in closet and can afford the space, but if you have a smaller closet, you're probably going to want to pare down your clothes to create some space. Same goes for your kids closet. If they're not wearing it, someone else might as well be able to wear it and enjoy it.

Gemma from The Sweetest Digs shares how she was able to organise her daughter's closet in a very creative way, making it look absolutely beautiful. Gemma even says that her daughter now has the prettiest closet in the entire house. First, she took everything out of the closet, to begin with, a clean slate. She started out by wallpapering the closet with a lovely wallpaper from Graham & Brown, called Isabelle Blue. Gemma also shares her wallpapering tips and tricks over on her website as well. She and her husband also built a shelf out of MDF and installed a simple closet railing they picked up at the hardware store. Then, they also painted the closet doors a beautiful light blue colour that matches the wallpaper inside the closet which looks gorgeous. You can choose any wallpaper you like and the colours your child likes the best, as well as the different paint colours that they'll like the most. You could even paint the inside of the closet one solid colour or do some stencilling instead of wallpaper if you like. Let your creative side come out a bit for this part.

Next up, Gemma started to figure out what they would be putting inside her daughter's closet and how she wanted it all to be arranged and organised. So make a list of all the things you want to store in the closet including your kid's accessories and other items. You'll also want to make sure that the closet space can expand and evolve as the child grows up so the closet can accommodate their larger clothing as they grow. The Ikea shelving units are great for this purpose because you can put baskets and decorative boxes in them, so they look really clean and tidy. The other great thing about putting in a shelving unit is, it's not fixed to the wall so it can be shifted or moved out if need be in the future. You can also get some nice, cloth foldable closet organisers that just velcro to the rod in the closet which will also be very flexible. The finished result of Gemma's daughter's closet is so cute, and it's very organised and clean. If you're inspired by Gemma's do it yourself home improvements, check out more of her diy ideas out over at Hometalk and so some diy projects in your own home too.***

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