Here Is How To Sew A Sock Monkey

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If you are in need of a thoughtful gift for someone or the kids want to try out easy sewing projects, here is a great tutorial on How To Sew Sock Monkey from Craft Passion. Although there are so many different toys out on the market, it can be wonderful to make your own presents and crafts from scratch. Think of how heart warming it is to receive a home made gift from someone you love. You probably cherish it forever. And when you give other people your homemade gifts, they will feel so special that you took the time and the energy to create something special just for them. Crafts are always so much fun to make anyway, no matter what the reason for making them is. It brings us back to our childhoods when there was always time to create and enjoy making things with our own two hands. That creativity brings us so much joy and so it is important that we keep fostering our own inherent creativity and foster the imagination and creativity of our children. You can set aside a day or a time of day that you dedicate to working on crafts of your own or working on crafts with your children. Working on easy sewing projects and other crafts is a great way to bond and share quality time with your children in a way that supports their individuality and expression.

This is one of those easy sewing projects for kids that would be good for children ideally above the age of nine or ten. You want to be sure that the child can easily hold a needle and sew with it well enough to not stick themselves with the sharp needle. You can teach them how to sew by using scrap material and some thread and teaching them simple stitching techniques. There are plenty of videos and sewing tutorials online that can help you guide them. Or if you want to learn sewing yourself, you can learn through these types of videos. Just as learning any new technique it takes time and patience, so do be patient with yourself and take it slow. Start with easy sewing projects and work your way up. You can search for easy sewing projects for kids specifically as well, and even try some of those out if you are a beginner. Sock monkey crafts like this one have been around for a long time. People have used old socks and clothes to make dolls and toys as a way to not waste any material and to make the most of the things that they did have. You don't have to use old socks if you don't want to, but using your old socks sure makes for a great recycled craft project.

When it comes to monkey crafts, the sock monkey is probably one of the most common monkey toy. You can even buy pre made monkey crafts like this at the toy store or at craft fairs and markets. This is why it is such a great go-to project when you want some easy sewing projects to try out. The tutorial over at Craft Passion includes the pattern for the sock monkey as well as all of the detailed instructions on how to cut all of the pieces out to the proper size, and then exactly how to sew them all together to make the sock monkey you see in the photos. They look so cute when they are all stuffed with their little felt eyeballs and cheeky grins. You could even sew some cute clothes for your sock monkey. Check out the great sewing tutorial from Craft Passion and see some of their other sewing and craft projects over on their website.*

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