Here is Why you should not overlook the 46 cent tile samples!

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This easy DIY idea takes inexpensive tiles that you can find at the hardware stores and makes them into trivets for your kitchen. For this fun DIY project, three tiles were used that cost 46 cents per tile from Lowe's. The tiles were samples, and that's all it takes to make some trivets for your kitchen counters. For that low price, you can have decorated tile trivets for every holiday. This project to do starts with six by six-inch tile samples that you can find from Lowe's or other hardware stores. For this DIY idea, all white tiles were chosen. For this fun DIY project an electronic cutter Silhouette Cameo was used to make vinyl shapes to help decorate the tiles. If you don't have an electronic cutter Silhouette machine, you can also use permanent markers, or use some paint that is for glass or ceramic. To finish the diy idea and project to do, you wan to spray with an acrylic sealer, and adhere some felt or cork discs to the bottom to help prevent scratching your surfaces. For 46 cents per tile, you can decorate these tiles for every occasion. You will want to take a look at the Hometalk site for the full step by step tutorial on t his fun DIY project. The following are some of the other tile DIY ideas and projects you can make.

1. A diy idea to cover a planter. Upgrade an ordinary all-wood flower planter with some mosaic tile sheets to make a new, polished planter box for your backyard. Any small-scale mosaic tile you can find at your hardware store will do, and there are so many tiles to choose from. This project to do can be done without the use of a tile cutting saw if you simply stick to the mesh grid square mosaic tiles.

2. A fun DIY project for a cheese board. Add a gold border and some little feet on the bottom of the tile to make a tile cheese board. You can use tile that is porcelain made to look like slate or use slate to make a cheese board. This DIY project will cost you a lot less to make than buying a bread board from a speciality shop. You can try for a larger or a smaller square tile for a different sized cheese board look.

3. A diy idea to frame a mirror. It's easy to transform a builder-grade mirror by hanging some small, colorful tiles around it. For this DIY idea, you can combine a few sheets of leftover mosaic tiles and an inexpensive piece of cut mirror that you can purchase from Lowes or Home Depot. This adds some decorative tile to a space that might be lacking. You can create your own DIY version of a mosaic tile framed bathroom mirror, and it doesn't have to be complicated. Before you have a mirror cut, you'll want to figure out the size of your tile frame first. You can trim mosaic tile sheets in five-piece strips and use push pins to help hold it on the wall to form a template and then mark out the outline of where the mirror would go with a pencil.

4. Use tiles to help finish off a tabletop. Use a sheet of leftover tile to totally transform a small table top that you have in your house. You will find this DIY idea on the Hometalk site. On the site, you will find DIY ideas, projects to do, fun DIY projects, gardening, green living, home decor, makeovers, organizing tips, woodwork and more. **

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