Hershey Stuffed Brownies

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Enjoy this Hershey Stuffed Brownies recipe and make the kids happy with this very sweet treat. This Hershey Stuffed Brownies recipe is really over the top, so be prepared when you make it that the kids will be sugar loaded shortly after eating only a tiny amount of this stuff. This Hershey Stuffed Brownies recipe combines a brownie recipe that you could make from scratch, or as recommended, using a commercial box mix, and adds an entire layer of Hershey chocolate in the middle of it. That means this Hershey Stuffed Brownies recipe is rich with fat and sugar and only a tiny piece is all that anyone will need to have their sweets craving satisfied.

This recipe can be very simple if you use a commercial box mix. Just mix the brownies according to the directions and then put one half in the pan, layer it with the chocolate bar, then cover the chocolate bar up and cook it. It is a little bit like putting the icing in the middle of the brownies rather than putting it on top. You might consider adding some nuts to the brownie part of this mixture just to have an element that will slow down the sugar absorption in this recipe.

Nuts and seeds are terrific foods that work with both savory and sweet recipes. You can put them in with just about any dish, and they will taste great. A combination of veggies, such as onions, red pepper, green pepper, broccoli and almonds tastes fabulous. Mix walnuts with brownies; the bitterness in the walnuts (brought on by the antioxidants) is a great foil to the extraordinary sweetness that is so often found in brownies. Nuts and seeds offer great nutrition. They often contain significant amounts of fiber, protein, and complex carbohydrates. They can slow the absorption of sugars in to the blood stream, and so are great when served with fruit or foods that are sugar rich, such as desserts. They offer magnesium, calcium, folate, zinc and many other minerals that we often do not eat enough of. People who eat nuts and seeds regularly get much more of these important nutrients in to their daily food plan. So consider adding nuts to the recipes that are rich with sugars and fats in order to give them a bit of balance.

This brownie recipe is quite quick and easy to make. Your aspiring baker could make it by him or her self, with help at the oven, if he or she needs it. But you can begin with a commercial brownie mix, which makes all of the steps much easier. Of course, you could still make a brownie mix from scratch.

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