Hersheys Hug Brownie Cookies

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These cookies have a light chocolate taste to underscore the Hershey’s chocolate hugs that form the middle of this recipe for these Hersheys Hug Brownie Cookies. Check out the photos on the web site of these pretty cookies, and you will be convinced to make them. They are very pretty and tempting in the photos, and they will undoubtedly be delicious when you make them (for real) tonight. And your family will be very glad that you did.

These cookies are very easy to bring together. The shortening in the recipe helps the cookie to become quite crisp, and that texture will contrast nicely against the middle bit of Hersheys hug chocolate that goes in the middle of the cake. The Hershey Company is an old chocolate manufacturer that originated in the late 1890s in Pennsylvania. The first product they produced were chocolate covered caramels. In only a few years, the company had begun producing milk chocolate bars and nuggets and other chocolate shapes. As they moved to mass production, they were able to reduce costs and so pricing and Hershey’s candy company brought the first milk chocolate, once considered a treat only for the rich, to a price that any one could afford. Hershey’s Kisses, a hallmark product, was actually invented and first produced way back in 1907. The Kiss has evolved substantially over time, and expanded to products such as the one used to make these cookies. This company survived the great depression, even expanding somewhat during that period, and challenges by unions and war.

The Hershey’s company remains a leading manufacturer of chocolate in North America and around the world. They continually innovate and create fun chocolates such as the one used in this recipe for Hersheys Hug Brownie Cookies. Try the recipe soon. It is easy, and every one will enjoy them.

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